The Pyramid of Metrics Workshop

Translate Goals into Measurable Metrics to Achieve Success

In our 2-hour workshop we will walk you through the process of turning your company goals into measurable metrics and key performance indicators to build your successful data-driven marketing organization.

2-hour workshop

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You Want to Work Data-Driven. But What Data will Guide You Towards Your Objectives?

Company goals are usually well defined. But what we can measure with digital analytics tends to be a few steps removed from company objectives. So how do you figure out what data to use for optimization and what data to ignore? 

A System That Clearly Aligns Company Objectives to Measurable Metrics and that Calibrates Itself.

What you need is a system. A Pyramid of Metrics that clearly aligns your company objectives (top-down) with Key Performance Indicators that are crafted from Measurable Metrics (bottom-up). Once you have this in place, you can tweak and optimize your system as you grow, while your organization can continue to focus on driving output that moves the right metrics.

The Pyramid of Metrics Workshop

In our 2-hour workshop we will walk through the process required to turn your company goals into key performance indicators crafted from measurable metrics. We’ll start out with a 30-minute presentation to walk you through our concept, after which we break out into smaller groups to flesh our your actual company objectives out into KPI’s and metrics. At the end of the workshop, you and your team should have a clear grasp of our methodology and be able to turn all your marketing objectives into measurable metrics yourself.

The Data to Value Pyramid of Value Workshop

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The Intake

In our intake call we'll establish the desired end results and make you a proposal.

The Preparation

With your input from our intake call, we will get to work and prepare the workshop.

The Workshop

In our 2-hour workshop we'll walk through the Pyramid of Metrics process together.

The Delivery

After the Workshop you get the Video Replay, the Templates and our Guide delivered.

Are you ready to build your Pyramid of Metrics together?

We can’t wait to get started with you. Schedule your free intake call and we can see if this workshop is something for you!

What is included in your purchase

Pyramid of Metrics

by Data to Value
5000 per workshop
  • A 2-Hour workshop with your entire team
  • Actionable workshop templates
  • Our Pyramid of Metrics Explainer Guide
  • Full Video Recording of the Workshop for Replay

About Data to Value

Data to Value is a marketing analytics consultancy focussed on helping it’s clients to turn their marketing data into business value. We do that by implementing & maintaining marketing technology and building custom marketing technology solutions for our clients. We take care of the technical heavy lifting, so our customers can focus on making decisions with the high quality data we provide.

We specialize in Google Analytics 4, Snowplow Analytics,  Google Tag Manager, Server-Side Tag Manager and Google Cloud Platform for Marketing Data Warehouse projects.

We’re a remote-first & asynchronously organized company that values intellectually challenging projects and long-term partnerships with it’s clients. Want to know more? Check our about page.

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