About Data to Value

Data to Value is a marketing analytics consultancy focussed on helping it’s clients to turn their marketing data into business value. 

We do that by implementing & maintaining marketing technology and building custom marketing technology solutions for our clients. We take care of the technical heavy lifting, so our customers can focus on making decisions with the high quality data we provide.

We specialize in Google Analytics 4, Snowplow Analytics,  Google Tag Manager, Server-Side Tag Manager and Google Cloud Platform for Marketing Data Warehouse projects.

Data to Value was founded in 2019 by Rick Dronkers under the name “Rick Dronkers Consultancy” as a solo consultancy and transformed into Data to Value B.V. in 2021. 

We’re a remote-first & asynchronously organized company that values intellectually challenging projects and long-term partnerships with it’s clients. 

About our Clients

We server clients from all over the world, as long as they can communicate with us in English. Most of our current clients are based in North America and Europe. 

We work with a wide spectrum of business models, B2C, B2B, Direct to Consumer, Marketplaces and SaaS. Common traits between our clients are that they understand the value of marketing data to their organization and they have people in place ready to use the data we provide them with.

We have several clients that have been with us since our inception in 2019 and we hope to build more long lasting partnerships as we slowly grow our consultancy.

Our Mission

Data to Value’s mission is to enable marketers to focus on data-driven marketing again, by minimizing the technical hurdles and legal risks that are tied to MarTech and AdTech data. 

Our View of the Market

We believe the following statements are currently true, and are relevant in this order:

  1. Marketing data enables better customer experiences and creates more value for businesses when “done right”.
  2. “Doing marketing data right” will require a privacy by design & default approach to continue to collect and use personal data to optimize the customer experience as privacy regulations roll out and are enforced worldwide.
  3. “Doing marketing data right” will require an investment in self-owned (“zero-party”) marketing technology infrastructure, both to ensure high data quality data collection & to ensure data privacy compliance while still collecting useful personal data.
  4. “Doing marketing data right” requires a vendor-agnostic approach that allows you to merge and match datasets in your own data warehouse before analyzing and activating the data back into third-party MarTech and AdTech tools.

This creates a challenge for companies:

Using marketing data becomes increasingly harder (technically) and more frightening (legally), which puts it out of reach of companies that can not invest in dedicated Marketing Technology teams and Compliance teams. 

This is the challenge we hope to help our clients overcome.

Meet the team

rick dronkers superweek 2023

Rick Dronkers

peter sutarik superweek 2023

Peter Šutarík

krisztian korpa superweek 2023

Krisztián Korpa

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