Welcoming Peter Šutarik to the team

We’re ending 2021 with some great news. Peter Šutarik is joining the Data to Value B.V. team as a Principal Consultant, which means we’re now a 2-man-show!

About Peter

Peter is a digital native with a developer background who has been working intensively with the Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager stack for the last 6 years. He has specialized in complex tag manager configurations, cookie-consent integrations and server-side tag manager deployments.

He is based out of Bratislava, Slovakia.

You can email peter, follow him on Twitter, connect with him on LinkedIn or schedule a call with him.

Peter & I have worked together at previous employers, so it didn’t take us long to figure this out! We both enjoy technical challenges and have a lot of fun working together. I have no doubt that our clients will benefit from Peter’s extensive technical knowledge and I can’t wait to get 2022 started.

Rick Dronkers

Future Plans for Data to Value

Data to Value B.V. started out in 2019 as “Rick Dronkers Consultancy”. After two years of freelancing, the decision was made to move towards a new business model. In 2021, Data to Value was conceived. The goal is to create a consultant-owned company that prioritizes knowledge and client relationships over growth and expansion. Peter is the first to join the team as a Principal Consultant and company owner. His expertise as a senior Measurement Specialists aligns closely with our current clients and their needs. We hope to be able to add a senior Data Engineer and senior Data Scientist as our fellow company owners within the next two years. These expertises should help our clients move along the data maturity process.

By making everybody a company owner instead of an employee, we try to create a win-win situation for ourselves and our clients. We get to work with senior partners who handle their own business, and don’t have to deal with ‘taking care of employees’. Our clients get to work with a highly skilled team of complementary specialists they can count on, who will stick around for a long term relationship.

We will continue to partner up on larger projects with Hussain Mehmood and the MarketLytics team in order to provide scale and availability to the clients who need that.