I was on the CRO.CAFE Podcast to talk Data, Privacy & GDPR

cro.cafe podcast at conversion hotel 2019

In November I attended the conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel on the Dutch island of Texel. If you’re in digital marketing and have an interest in conversion optimization I highly recommend you to visit this awesome conference if you get the chance!

At this conference, Guido Jansen was hosting a ‘live edition’ of his conversion optimization podcast called CRO.CAFE where he interviewed keynote speakers and attendees in a panel format with a live audience. As you may have guessed by now, I was on the panel about Data, GDPR & Enforcement.

Together with Keynote Speaker AurĂ©lie Pols who gave a great talk about the future of data governance earlier that day, we did a 30-minute talk with Guido and the audience. We touched on topics like GDPR, privacy, ethics behind analytics and related topics. We didn’t get too deep into the weeds (it’s a 30-minute podcast) but perhaps you could get some value from it.

If you’ve listened to the podcast and have any related questions don’t hesitate to ask them here in the comments or via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Interested in the podcast? Listen here:

CRO.CAFE Podcast – Data, GDPR and Enforcement

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